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Rodent Trapping and Removal

Rodents and rodent feces and urine can cause health problems to humans. Removal of rodents may require special techniques and precautions. It is always safer to allow trained wildlife specialist to trap and remove nuisance wildlife. The wildlife specialist at All About Wildlife Control understand the health and safety risks of dealing with rodents and we have the knowledge and experience to safely and effectively solve your nuisance rodent problem at your home, office or property in Greenville, SC, Anderson, SC or Seneca, SC and the surrounding areas.

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Rodent Prevention and Control

Habitat modification and entry point exclusions are important factors for rodent control. Cleaning up debris piles and clutter in yards and around structures reduces areas that rodents can hide. Keeping grass mowed and trimming shrubs from touching house and touching the ground will also make areas around house or buildings less desirable for rodents to hide. Having clean open yards will also expose rodents to natural predators that will help control rodent populations. Sealing all holes and gaps around pipes and foundation of home and buildings will reduce entry points for rodents.

 Limiting food sources for rodents is also a major prevention and control method.

The method of removing rodents from your home, office or property will vary depending on the nature of the infestation and the rodent species.

North America and South Carolina have a large variety of rodents that can cause a home owner or property owner problems.  Mice and rats are some of the most common rodents that invade homes and property.  The house mice, white footed and deer mice, cotton rat, Norway rats, roof rats, and woods rats (pack rats) all cause conflicts with humans when they share living areas.

Proper identification of the specific rodent causing a problem is critical to the success of developing an effective, safe, humane and eco-friendly rodent control solution in your home, office, or property.

Rodents are well known for contaminating food sources and spreading diseases around the world. Rodents are also known for chewing electrical wire in homes, offices, and other structures that can cause fire hazards. Rodents will also chew on wires in cars and other equipment, resulting in costly mechanic repairs.


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