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Beaver Trapping and Removal

Above photo of  a successful residential beaver removal.

Beavers are classified as game animals in many states.  Trapping and removal of pest beavers may require special permits or regulation compliance. Beavers can be aggressive animals when threatened, it is always safer to allow trained specialist to trap and remove nuisance wildlife. The wildlife specialist at All About Wildlife Control understand the health and safety risks of dealing with each wild animal and we have the knowledge and experience to safely and effectively solve your nuisance beaver problem at your home or property in Greenville, SC, Anderson, SC or Seneca, SC and the surrounding areas.

Beaver Prevention and Control

Trapping is often the most effective and practical method to control beavers.  Valuable trees can be encircled with hardware cloth, woven wire or other metal to deter beavers from chewing.

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All About Wildlife Control in Greenville, Anderson, and Seneca, SC is your trusted beaver control and removal expert.

The beaver is the largest rodent in North America. Beaver can weigh from 35 to 50 pounds. Some beaver have been recorded weighing over 100 pounds. Beaver are primarily aquatic are easily recognized by their large flat tails.

Beaver are very adaptive and can thrive wherever there is aquatic habitat and trees available.

Beavers use many species of trees and shrubs to build dams and for food sources.

Most beaver damage is associated with dam building and flooding. Beaver can flood low areas and destroy crops, property, and trees. Flooding may wash out roads or damage residential, commercial, or municipality waste water and sewer drains and septic systems. Beavers can also destroy earthen dams by burrowing.

Beaver feeding and tree cutting can also damage valuable trees.


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