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All About Wildlife Control utilizes strategic methods of habitat modification and exclusions to effectively prevent wildlife from entering you home or property. Habitat modification is based on identifying and limiting access to food, water and shelter for target species of wildlife. Exclusion techniques may include sealing entry points, placing screens over vents or establishing other barriers to prevent intrusion of nuisance wildlife.

Understanding the biology and natural habits of varying wildlife species is critical to the success of excluding wildlife from your home or property. Improper or poorly implemented control techniques can result in more problems by creating ‘trap shy’ and ‘bait shy’ animals. The wildlife professionals at All About Wildlife Control have the knowledge and experience to identify the source and solution of your nuisance wildlife problem.

Proper wildlife exclusion techniques are necessary for long tern wildlife control at your home or property. Trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife will solve a home owner or property owner’s current animal problem, but wildlife are always looking for convenient habitat and only professional animal exclusion techniques will prevent future wildlife encounters from becoming nuisance encounters.

Trust All About Wildlife Control to find every point of entry for unwanted animals. Bats, squirrels or raccoons in attics, birds in chimney, mice in ceilings, and snakes or skunks in crawl spaces under house all get there because they found or created an entry point. All About Wildlife Control’s prevention services address the biology of the animal and the unique exclusion needs of your home or property.

Animal Exclusion Point Examples:

  • Gabel (Attic) Vents – Adding screening to vents helps keep animals out
  • Roof & Fascia Spaces – Poorly sealed points between roof and fascia
  • Chimney – Chimney caps and screening can prevent nesting or animals falling in
  • Roof & Soffit – Sealing gaps deter animals from chewing entry points
  • Oven & Bathroom Vents – Adding screening or proper covers help keep animals out
  • Plumbing & HVAC – Sealing gaps around pipe, conduit or HVAC systems
  • Holes in Siding – Repairing holes discourage animal infestation
  • Trees & Landscaping – Removal of overhanging tree limbs and encroaching vegetation.


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